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5 Of The Biggest Tech Companies in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the world’s cities that has itself into a tech hub. It is renowned as silicon beach for its transformation into a tech hub, holding position six globally in the united states. Furthermore, it is the second-best in the united states in net tech employment.
The city has immensely grown where its ecosystem has one hundred and fifty-five billion us dollars, indicating that it has indeed developed.
The following are some of the best tech companies in Los Angeles that make the city ranked the best tech hub in the United States of America.


WEVR is the leading company in innovative tech-based in Venice, California, addressing the issue of Virtual Reality drawing their solution on technology. It was founded in 2010 with a total growth rate of 38 million us dollars. The company focuses on taking technology to a higher level by giving people the best experience in storytelling and helping 3D artists share projects without any struggles.

2. Snap Inc.

This is one of the leading tech companies in photography, messaging, and social media platforms. It was founded in 2011 with asset growth of 4.9 billion us dollars. The company has created a range of employment to many with a total number of 5000. Their product, Snapchat, gives its users a wonderful experience of taking photos and videos and sharing them among users of the same application worldwide. The application has been modified, making it independent of a smartphone camera.

3. Disney Interactive

This gaming company has gained popularity within the entertainment industry based in California.
The company was founded in 1995 with an asset value of 101 million us dollars. The company deals with the development of high-quality video games for its users. They are focused on ensuring that they give the best experience to their users. Furthermore, the company is dedicated to giving the best experience to the whole family.

4. GumGum

This is the best leading company for Artificial Intelligence in providing the solution to learning-based problems. It is based in Santa Monica in California, with an asset worth 133.8 million us dollars. It focuses on natural language processing. The organization also helps in solving complex problems using machine learning algorithms.

5. Honey

This online company provides the solution to online shoppers, helping them find the best coupons codes that can give them the best deals. This platform was founded in 2012 with an asset growth of 31.8 million us dollars. It is based in California, with over 10 million users worldwide. They have connected their online users to more than 30,000 online stores. It also has a user-enabled program that alerts the users when great deals are at low prices.

With the above few examples of the best tech companies in Los Angeles, it is evident that the city has grown to become the best tech hub in the united states. The city got more tech companies doing well in their areas of operations in all the sectors.