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A Guide to Best Things to do in Downtown Los Angeles

Several places come into your mind by mentioning LA: Universal Studios, Venice Beach, and Downtown. Downtown? Yes, even though not as famous as other places in Los Angeles, Downtown has many exciting and amusing things for you to see and do. Individuals who visit this underrated town know that it’s resourceful with cultural attractions, historical centers, and a ton of food hotspots where you can enjoy a meal. This guide highlights the seven best activities to do during your tour in Downtown Los Angeles. Let’s walk together.

Grab a Meal in the Little Tokyo

Founded in the 1800s, Little Tokyo is one of the official Japanese Towns located in the US. Out of the three Japanese cities in the US, Little Tokyo is the biggest and regarded as a substantial civic center for Japanese Americans. Instead of visiting Japan, Little Tokyo gives visitors the most genuine Japanese experiences they can desire, from reading some exciting manga comics to enjoying prepared matcha tea.

Many people prefer vising Little Tokyo when they are hungry during lunchtime or dinner hours. Many local cafes serve traditional Japanese foods and Japanese American foods like Shabu Shabu and hot cuisines served with hot ramen bowls.

Tour the Walt Disney Concert Hall

The LA Music Center comprises many theatres, and artistic venues considered the home to urban center’s dramas and opera companies, with the most recognized being the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The concert hall opened its gates in 2003 and is the home to the LA Philharmonic, a celebrated orchestra in the US, and the Los Angeles Master Chorale.

Even if you don’t have enough amounts to purchase a ticket or attend a concert, visiting the Walt Disney Concert hall allows you to celebrate the building itself. The Music Center official offers Self-guided and guided tours from time to time. Frank designed the aisle so that visitors can explore it from all angles, including the interior and exterior.

Visit Grand Central Market

If there is a place that brings together the culture and cuisines of Los Angeles, the place is the Grand Central Market. The market was opened in 1913 and is continuously serving Los Angeles residents to date. It houses a combination of butchers, delis, greengrocers, and ready food vendors. The foods in the market are always fresh and represent the diversity of the local neighborhoods ranging from Thai street foods, Mexican Cuisines and Salvadoran Pupus.

The market’s opening hours are from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday to Sunday. As a visitor, be warned of visiting the market during lunch hour. The place is fully occupied that you may struggle to get a place to sit.

Tour the Fashion District Downtown, LA for your Shopping

The Fashion District is an excellent spot where you can shop for textiles, accessories, and bargain clothes. The district is located in the lower part of Downtown Los Angeles and offers all types of retail clothes, both wholesale and retail. The most popular area of the district is the Santee of Alley, where visitors can find all types of clothes at affordable prices.

Spend Time at the Grand Park

Sometimes it can be challenging to find a place to relax in a busy city like Downtown Los Angeles, but Grand Park is an oasis nestled between skyscrapers. The park stretches for over 12 acres and offers an excellent location if you want to relax outdoors. If the weather in LA becomes too hot, you can visit the public splash pads situated in the park. Grand Park also hosts other activities like food festivals, concerts, and theatrical performances throughout the year.

Spend a day in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District

There are countless art museums and galleries in Los Angeles. However, none of the museums offer a collection of artifacts and objects of artistic importance like you can find in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. The most common things to see in the area are the murals that dominate the walls and are significantly changing. You can also visit the district’s neighborhoods with many studios and galleries that do not charge to enter.

Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art

You cannot get enough artwork in Downtown LA. The Museum of Contemporary Art is another excellent spot where you can enjoy the works of art. Inside the museum, several exhibitions will make you think. There are also permanent and short-run presentations that change from time to time.