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The Boring Company and Elon Musk

If you’re a resident of California or frequently commute in the Los Angeles region, you are quite familiar with traffic. Each Los Angeles community member spends, on average, over 100 hours waiting on the road. When you consider the impact of traffic, there are serious ramifications caused by its byproducts. Everything from fossil fuel emission to the pace of commerce is affected by transportation. The Boring Company wants to address the safety and convenience issues highway and urban congestion cause.

The Boring Company is a construction and infrastructure organization led by Elon Musk. The inception of the Boring Company was envisioned to utilize the expertise and tools leveraged by Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Tesla corporations to improve the infrastructural needs of American transit systems. The Boring Company specializes in inter-city transportation, freight tunnels, and other infrastructural corridors. Elon Musk desires to solve the current two-dimensional troubles of transit systems with three-dimensional innovations such as tunnels and magnetic propulsion.

Projects such as the Hyperloop are quite grand in scale and require both support and investments. Elon Musk has designed proofs of concept to lure key investors and interested parties. Through marketing, outreach, and politically savvy negotiations, Musk has entertained the ideas of opening transit systems in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. The first transit systems available and accessible to the public were in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The Los Angeles location was near the suburbs of Hawthorne.

What makes the Boring Company so impressive is the equipment and machinery Elon Musk’s teams have invented to build out infrastructure. The Boring Company touts the ability to tunnel significantly faster than any industry standardized drilling and tunneling equipment. Elon Musk’s experts have developed custom tunneling equipment using their previous knowledge in advanced auto mechanics and aerospace engineering. Elon Musk also open-sourced the novel Hyperloop innovation to the academic and corporate communities. By open-sourcing the concept, Musk was able to have his invention peer-reviewed, iterated, and quickly developed for the Hawthorne instillation.

Musk’s momentum with the initial announcement and the expansion of his Hyperloop systems quickly cooled as development and bureaucratic negotiations continued. Musk wanted a transit system available by December 10th, 2018 for the public to try in California. The Los Angeles tunnels opened shortly after with improved features to woo private investors and public news broadcasters. Although some of his projects have stalled or been quietly put on hold, the public awaits Musk’s next innovation.