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Mobile App Development Chicago

As your company starts to experience growth, you’re going to need a mobile app. Regardless of why you are looking to build for Mobile app development in Los Angeles or Chicago, you want to get a team of professionals to assist you. At Materialize Labs we take your idea and “Materialize” it to reality.

We provide services such as mobile app development in Chicago to all companies including startups. We work with both individuals as well as large brands in the launch & creating mobile apps and integrating various technologies. Our team an help you build successful mobile applications using the latest tech & programming languages. Below, we will be going over some of the steps that we will help you work through.

Our Steps For Development:

1. Figure Out What You Want

Phase 1 is to figure out is what is the purpose. You need to identify what the app needs to do because it will determine the entire development process and the solutions we come up with. Therefore, you want to figure out what the application is going to address. Is it for your business? Is it addressing a specific idea or problem? These are things that you will want to answer prior to beginning the development process.

2. Figure Out The Features

Once we have a good idea of the purpose of the app and what you want specifically, we will then figure out which features will properly address it. The features will dictate what the app is going to be used for and how well it addresses the user’s needs. As with most apps, the features will be the core of everything. We will make sure that the features are well laid out and are very intuitive to the user. The flow will dictate the navigational experience of the user.

3. Perfecting The Design With Our Expert Designers

We will then primarily focus on the design aspect. You want to have something that is up to date and is easy to use and has good branding. We have the ability to create just about any kind of design that you want. You can check through our portfolio to see what kind of designs we are capable of coming up with for past clients.

4. We Get Feedback

When we are finished with the design, we will introduce it to a beta group. This will allow us to figure out the analytics and to see whether or not there are specific things that we need to address in the completed version. The feedback step will help us make sure that the app is performing flawlessly and it will allow us to make necessary changes in order to be certain the users are having good experiences. This is a crucial process because it will dictate the ebbs and flows as we receive more and more information based on real data.

Overall, there are plenty of stages to the mobile app development process that you want to be aware of when getting one created. From startup to completion, hiring us to handle the development part, we should be able to work seamlessly together to create the exact app that you are looking to make. We have the experience and the skills to handle all sides of app development and we look forward to working directly with you to create something great and exciting.

Why Should You Choose Us?

When it comes to mobile apps very few companies match the level of detail we go through when creating one. Our mobile app developers have a passion for creating apps that exceed our customer’s expectations. Some of the things that really separates us from our competition are:

We Don’t Outsource – Some Chicago app developers outsource to 3rd world countries in order to make bigger profits. This often leads to badly developed apps with a poor user interface and tons of bugs. At Materialize Labs we are not just a typical mobile app development agency/company. All of our team of developers are U.S based which leads to higher quality/intuitive app & better UI & UX.

Price – Mobile applications can be costly depending on what you want. Some app developers in Chicago like to overcharge for no apparent reason. At Materialize Labs we can build something amazing even with a conservative budget. Our approach to mobile application development is straight forward so there are no supprises. We provide app design & development at affordable prices.

Fast Turnaround Times – Some app development companies that charge per hour take their sweet time developing apps for clients. At Materialize Labs, because you’re dealing with a team of professionals, we value our client’s time and money. We have quick turnaround times when it comes to both iOS & Android app development. Mobile development & custom software development takes skill and expertise in order to quickly produce a working app.

Peace of Mind – Chicago mobile app development companies can be cumbersome to deal with if you happen to hire the wrong company. From a poor user experience on both android & ios, bad press on social media from said experience, etc…, getting banned from the app store, etc… At Materialize Labs, once you’ve become one of our clients, you can have peace of mind knowing that your working with a mobile app developer that knows what their doing, and will help your app become a success.

Strategy & Design – There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to app development services, from the design and development aspect as well as the functionality. From fortune 500 companies down to apps designed for individuals, strategy plays a key role. This is why we have UX design specialists as part of our development agency so that users use your app for as long as possible.’

Privacy – No matter what products you hire us to work on we take your privacy seriously. Ideas are stolen every day which can be a real concern for most customers. So even if we have to sign an NDA which helps ensure your privacy we will.

Testing – When building an app for a client, we perform tons of testing to ensure that your app works properly and is as stable as it gets. Businesses entrust us to deliver working solutions with very little bugs and that something we pride ourselves on.

Utilizing Latest Technologies – Our goal is to future proof your app as much as possible. The solution is simple, we keep an eye out on what new technologies mobile device manufacturers are implementing in order to make sure that your app is utilizing them or is compatible once released.

Compatibility – When it comes to mobile applications there are many different platforms. We test the compatibility of your app on each platform to make sure it is responsive, looks good and runs properly because depending on the platform, requirements may vary.

Marketing – We have contacts throughout the industry that can assist you with the marketing of your app.

Fortune 500 Companies Trust Us

We provide services all throughout Chicago and we’ve developed apps for some of the biggest brands in various industry including Red Bull, W.B & who are some of our clients. The reason why these companies use our services instead of other Chicago based developers comes down to the fact that we get things right the first time, no excuses!

Not every company can deliver the type of results we do within the time frame we can. No matter if you’re a large enterprise company or a small business based out of a small office, our team can help you reach your goals.

Don’t Make The Mistake Most People Make

We like to ask our clients what issues they’ve encountered as a company when looking for someone to design their mobile application, software, etc… Most of them say the following:

1) The company they hired used out of date technology like “React Native” (which is on its way out) in order to develop their app or didn’t fully understand the requirements of the product. This leads to the company having to pay another developer to use a more up to date programming language/technology.

2) Their business received a custom app which was “lackluster” to say the least. This leads to an unfinished project (which their company overpaid for) and had to hire someone else to finish the project.

3) The company that started to build the custom app is no longer in business and cannot provide support.

4) The app dev installed a backdoor that caused the app to get removed from the app store due to customer’s data being stolen.

5) App ideas were stolen by developers trying to beat you to the market.

No matter if you’re a startup or a large scale enterprise business we can build you a mobile app solution that meets all of your specifications. We have a few reviews on google and an excellent rating on clutch. You can tell by our reviews that we’ll do whatever it takes to keep our clients happy.

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