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Mobile app development in New York City

App Developer in NYC

In search of mobile app developers? Do you have an app idea? Materialize Labs has the solution! Our goal as a company & brand is to make sure that we meet all your needs when developing your Android & iOS iPhone app.

As the leading mobile application development company in new york city what separates our team of app design & development experts from the competition comes down to the timely manner that we are able to get a functional mobile app developed. Building your first application can be a very troublesome project if you hire the wrong freelancer/agency. At Materialize Labs, our team of NYC devs, designers & marketing team has years of experience providing award-winning mobile app services to some of the biggest companies around such as (Project), Mid America Mortgage, Red Bull, 21 Century Fox, WB Studios are just the name of a few of our clients.

Why The Top Brands Come To Us

The reason why these companies hire our team to build their apps is because of our reputation for being one of the best Android & iOS mobile app developers in NYC. To put it simply, we design, build & provide amazing iPhone apps for our clients and provide tremendous value to their business with our services. So, whether you are looking to launch a new mobile application for yourself or your business or just want to scale your existing app, we have the skillset to tackle the project!

Our team takes your app idea and “Materialise” it into reality with our simple mobile app development process. We believe in innovation, doing projects differently, so if you plan on creating an Android or iOS mobile app for something of the likes of which the world has never seen, then look no further. Our designers have developed thousands of iPhone mobile app projects in multiple industries and can assist you in creating yours.

At Materialize Labs We Are A Force To Be Reckoned With

Materialize Labs, LLC provides more than just mobile app development in chicago & NYC, we are a full-stack digital product agency that provides a plethora of other specific services such as Web Software Development, Saas Software Development, Agile Software Development, Swift & a whole lot more. To find out if we are able to handle your project (no matter what it is), you can simply fill out our form here for a consultation: and we will get back to you ASAP.

We design some of the most complex Android & iOS mobile apps around for our clients, some of which utilize machine learning. No matter if you’re looking for a simple solution or a very complex enterprise level mobile app for your business, you can rest assured that our company will be able to turn your idea for a mobile app into reality. We specialize in both departments, UX & UI design ideas & development & functionality development.

Why Should You Choose Us Instead Of Our Competitors?

We have tons of clients in NYC and have great respect for both our clients and their business. We treat all of our client’s apps as if it were an award-winning mobile app, thinking outside the box and brainstorming ways to make it better and then presenting you with our ideas.  All we care about is your success and there are a few ways we ensure that:

1) Price

Price  – Our company offers the best support & some of the most competitive low prices & budget cost estimates in new york city when it comes to Android & iOS mobile app design & software development. The reason why we can do this is due to our streamline, easy & efficient app development process. Our team of mobile app devs is located in multiple cities and states and thus we can have one of our developers in another state design your app which will save you a lot of money.

2) App Store Market Approval

App Store Market Approval – Our mobile app development company can help with the compliance of your mobile applications in order to meet Apple’s app store market list of guidelines. When it comes to iPhone app development, Apple’s app store has some strict policies to ensure only quality apps are presented to their users. We’ll also assist you in getting your app is approved in both iOS and Android app store/market.

3) Project Management

A team of people working on a project in effort to make sure that everything goes smoothly and deadlines are met.

We understand that when it comes to phone app development, time is money. In order to significantly lower the chances of bugs, avoid wasting time and meeting deadlines, at Matearlize Labs, we abide by very strict criteria & time management.

4) Beautiful Designs

Beautifully designed iPhone application which represents the skill set of of the Materialize Labs team.

Beautiful Designs – If it’s one thing our team of mobile app design experts knows how to do is create a beautifully functioning app. UX & UI is more important now more than ever, no one wants their app to look like a 3rd grader designed it and this is where the app design experts from Materialize Labs offices come in.

5) Privacy

A series of locks representing security, privacy & safety which represents the focus of Materialize Labs and their dedication to privacy.

Privacy – As a company, we understand that having an idea is only half the equation and protecting that idea is the other. At Materialize Labs your privacy is our #1 priority. Keeping details about your app private is crucial to the success of your app. You want is information about your app leaking. With Materialize Labs this is something you won’t have to worry about.

At The End Of The Day, It Comes Down To UX
Someone from NYC on a windows computer displaying the android app development process.

Creating mobile apps for yourself or your business is only half the challenge, the second part is the experience of the user. This is what really separates us from other app development/design agencies. We help our clients monitor what people are doing once they load up an app on both Android & iOS, this will provide valuable data so that we can help you further improve the app based on how users are using the app and the features that they request.

Traditionally what 99% of other companies do is create apps and that’s it. This anticlimactic approach to app development will lead to great frustration. Our data-driven process is the only way to ensure your app will gain traction that it deserves and that your users are having a great experience when it comes to using your app.

Don’t Make The Mistake So Many People Make In Our Industry

A guy from a 3rd world country sitting in front of a bunch of phones

Many unknowing individuals in our industry simply hire non-reputable companies to develop their mobile app not know that the person they hired doesn’t even truly develop apps for mobile devices and is simply a middle man.

Quite a few of mobile app development companies in new york city “claim” to design & develop apps are nothing more than a middle man that outsources their work to a team of very non-skilled developers in some foreign country. This leads to you getting an app that is full of bugs and functions very poorly. You don’t want a user trying to use your app just to have it crash a moment later.

With Materialize Labs you won’t face that issue, all of our mobile design devs have a vast array of knowledge & are 100% U.S based and knows the ins and outs of mobile app development. The end result is a mobile app that just works!

We Cover All Platforms

Multiple phones laying across the table demonstrating the platforms covered by Materalize Labs

We cover all platforms, both iOS & Android app development services as well as modern UX & UI optimization & features.

Having seamless integration across each platform is no longer optional. New products are coming out at a rapid pace. You can find mobile apps on just about anything including TV’s, Refrigerators, Cars, you name it! Our team will ensure that no matter what device a user decides to use, they will have a consistent user experience.

We rigorously test your mobile app to ensure compatibility and expected performance on as many systems as possible.

Our Main Focus

Materializelabs Labs NYC Logo

We take every project seriously, we want to do more than just turn your idea for an app into a reality, we want to make sure that we deliver an award-winning product, something that you and your users can be proud of. The way we do so is as follows:

Planning & Organizing

A woman showing how to properly plan the creation of products and organize on a white board.

Planning & Organizing – This is the most important part of the process before we begin to design or write a single line of code our goal is to sit down with you and get as many details as possible as to what you want out of your app. When it comes to app development businesses, the better you plan and organize, the smoother things will go.

Goals & Deadlines

A team of individuals focused on meeting deadlines on time.

Goals & Deadlines – Once the planning & organizing phase is over, then we focus on is the G&D. During our meet, we will establish goals, milestones & deadlines so that you can have a clear path to follow during this whole procedure without being left wondering how things are coming along. You’ll know what to expect and when to expect it.

Split Testing

Displaying apps being test on iPad to ensure it's ready for public release & marketing.

Split Testing – Once all the planning and deadlines have been established our next task is to begin the development of the app and begin our split testing process. During this process, our company takes user feedbacks and implement it within the next iteration of the app.

Bugs & Kinks

Day to day testing to ensure that no apparent bugs are missed while app is being developed.

Bugs & Kinks – Even though this doesn’t happen too often, this is something that every dev has to deal with when developing an app and should be something anticipated. The good news is we are able to fix any bugs & kinks expeditiously.

Once this is done; you’ll be presented with the final working iteration of the app that is ready for public launch. Our highly skilled team of developers with over 10+ years of experience can create even the most complicated apps you can imagine within a reasonable timeframe.

So just email us if you live in NYC or any other part of the world, if you an individual or a large scale enterprise business, startups, doesn’t matter. Matearlize Labs has a developer in every city, ready to build your next app at reasonably low cost and we would love to have you as one of our customers!

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