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Web design – Los Angeles, California

“Los Angeles California Web design services”

Are you looking for a Los Angeles web design company with years of experience? Then look no further! Materialize Labs has been providing jaw-dropping website designs in Los Angeles CA for over a decade. We are not your typical custom web design company that just does it for the money, creating beautiful websites is our passion. As a top-rated web design company, we understand that if you don’t have a modern website that “pops” most people will overlook what’s being offered on your website.

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Web design for Multiple Platforms

Email marketing platform creation created for your needs (in ca).

Even if you what us to develop a website design for your WordPress CMS, blog spot, forums or a custom-coded website, our team has you covered! Some Los Angles based website design agencies only cover certain platforms. At Matearlize Labs we understand that sometimes, depending on the type of business you operate, your company might be using an obscure CMS and don’t have much of an option.

Web developer For Major Brands

CA business site needs & clients.

Some of our customers include some of the largest brands out there such as Red Bull, W.B and even just to name a few rely on our company. Every respectable brand has a rock-solid website!

10+ Years in The Bussiness!

Helping our clients & business in multiple industries.

At Materialize Labs, we have over 10 years of expertise & experience providing excellent custom web design in Los Angeles CA. Our web design agency has assisted many clients in Los Angeles when it comes to developing breathtaking web designs and we have customers all throughout Los Angeles from Santa Monica to San Fransico. The members of our team are trained professionals at designing websites and mobile apps which is our experience. We are experienced in areas such as web design for business, eCommerce, blogs, etc… Whatever your requirements are, we got you covered.

Our 5 Step Easy Process

Here is a complete breakdown of our process with each client and what you can expect when working with our company for the first time:

1) Brain Storming – (Dynamic web page)

Clients, products, content & analytics review with team.

We’ll arrange a time and date to go over the web design project and figure out what you have in mind as far as what elements you want the web design to include, if you need a logo for branding purposes, meet specific deadlines, etc… If you are located in the Los Angeles area we can also arrange a face to face meeting so we can accommodate whatever is most convenient for you.

This is what most website design companies tend to skip but from our experience, it’s one of the most important steps.

2) Finding Examples That You Like – (Static web page)

Social media marketing by Materialize Labs

Based on the thousands of customers, what we found consistently is every client has a web site they’ve come across on the internet who’s design they really liked. By giving our team a list of examples we can create a custom professional design that is unique to your brand but gives us ideas as to what direction you want to go.

3) Getting Started On The Responsive web design

Fashion web design theme for local business in los angeles.

Once we’ve gathered as much data as possible, then we begin the actual design. Some of the stuff that we factor in is existing content on the website, any development work currently being performed on the website as well as if the website is actually already online or not. Regardless, we design your website on our test server so that our designers are not interpreting the functionality of your company or even a personal website.

We test to make sure that your design not only looks great on desktop but mobile devices as well.

4) Making Sure That The Design Is Mobile Friendly

Web design company creates theme for a unique online store. A very simple web design.

Google and other search engines are very big on your website’s content are being displayed properly on various devices and this can have an effect on your online presence and search engine optimization. Not only will the design be mobile-friendly, but they are also interactive.

5) The Final Product

information & experiences our developers porvide

The final thing is to completely finish the design and import the content. From there our agency will come up with a creative solution and will do so with minimal downtime on your website. The developer will also ensure that the newly designed theme is functioning properly and that the overall install of the new theme was a success without any unwanted artifacts.

We Use The Latest Web development Programming Languages That’s Available

Our web designers utilize the latest programming languages available when it comes to website design accompanied by an awesome logo design that reps your brand while also being user-friendly (very important).

Custom Code When You Need It

Because we are a team of full-stack developers and web design & development experts we can build a responsive custom websites that suit your needs no matter how complex it may be.

Good Communications Is Part Of Our Culture

24/7 support team

At Materialize Labs one of the many things we try to do to separate our web design company from other web design firms is to execute good communication between our company and you as a customer. This is why we are available 24/7 via email and are ready to answer any concerns or make any changes you might want.

Professional Quality Work At A Reasonable Price

Money saved using our web design company services.

Compared to what other Los Angeles web design agencies charge most businesses find that our prices when it comes to both design & development are very reasonable. The reason why our prices are lower than other local website design companies comes down to the fact that we do everything inhouse and we don’t outsource or partner with any 3rd party like some companies.

We Want To Hear From You!

A girl on her phone looking for social media marketing with our support team.

We love meeting with customers who are in Los Angeles so if you are in Los Angeles we can set-up a 1 on 1 face to face meeting and go over everything you want out of a website. From the time that a customer comes on board with our company until the completion of the project, they receive our undivided attention. We are always here for questions that will be answered in an efficient manner.

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