eQual: Qualification Management Platform for Non-profits

Project Background

The client approached us with a simple goal in mind: create a platform that allows non-profits and volunteers to productively manage petitions for ballot measures and other non-profit initiatives. In the effort to optimize the way in which ballot measures get based, the client sought to create a cutting-edge platform how petitions are canvassed, signed, and tracked in order to get new initiatives passed. We created a multi-tenant, data-driven content management and petition tracking platform that allows users of many different roles and permissions to track the progress of petitions as they are signed and approved. The system not only allows users to manage these petitions, but to generate unique landing pages for individual initiatives to capture user sign ups and interest.


We built a multi-tenant web application to be used by organizations to efficiently manage the life of a petition, from initial receipt to final approval. The ability for users to simply understand the UX was paramount, and a snappy, responsive, familiar interface was created to give users that peace of mind and ability to manage petitions effectively.

Some of the features include:

  • Ability to generate unique landing pages with custom information capture
  • Ability to track user submissions
  • Automatic voter registration checking
  • QR code scanning for document uploading and tracking
  • Streamlined approval process and status tracking
  • Email notifications
  • ActBlue donation integrations

to name a few.

A serverless backend was chosen as the infrastructure as choice to simplify the deployment pipeline and environment management. Combined with a React JS single page web app for the frontend, a modern, cost effective, and long-lasting tool was built to further the progress of passing important ballot measures across the United States.

  • Serverless architecture
  • AWS Lambda
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Laravel Vapor Serverless Continuous Integration
  • React JS
  • Bootstrap UI
  • MySQL
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