AICC: Video on Demand

A platform that provides customers and administrators the ability to watch live streams and review recordings for custom live camera installations in athletics centers across the country.

AICC: Video on Demand

The Client

Athletics Insurance, Compliance & Consulting (AICC) provides insurance and compliance programs to mitigate risk for athletics and gymnastic centers around the country. AICC required an on-site security camera solution that would allow their customers as well as their own staff to be able to watch live streams of cameras installed in the centers that they represent. Additionally, they would need to be able to review the recordings from each camera to investigate any incidents that may have taken place and any claims that they receive.

The Challenge

Surprisingly, with all of the commercial security camera offerings available, there was no off the shelf solution that would meet the unique needs of AICC and the clubs that they represent. Materialize was approached to help select the camera hardware that would be installed, as well as build the fully bespoke management portal that connects hundreds of cameras installed in clubs across the country. Materialize was uniquely qualified for this project because of our extensive experience working with live streaming and live streaming hardware, video transcoding and encoding, and custom management portals.

The Solution

As soon as the project began, Materialize took the lead and assumed the responsibility of crafting the perfect system that meets the essential requirements of the AICC custom management portal. We started with user flows, which led us to the wireframes, high fidelity mockups, and eventually the fully engineered functional product. We provided the full spectrum of software development services, serving as a CTO-as-a-service for AICC and providing a software development team out of the box. AICC relies on the management portal to provide their services to their clients and continues to use Materialize to build out features and functionality to support their growing needs.

Services We Provided

+ UX/UI Design

+ Branding

+ Strategy

+ Marketing


+ Web

Tech Stack


+ Laravel

+ ReactJS

+ GraphQL API


+ Docker


+ Serverless Infrastructure

+ Unit Testing


+ Wowza Streaming

+ Responsive Design

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Direct video streaming and editing within the portal.

We built a robust system that allows administrators to set up new gyms (and the cameras within them) in order to watch live streams from each camera and review past recordings. Recording can be edited directly within the platform to cut clips for uploading to the cloud. The compliance team depends on these tools to review incidents and protect their customers.

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A sophisticated roles & permissions system for multiple user types.

We constructed a custom roles and permissions system to support not only the staff from AICC, but the customers that they represent. Unique experiences were built for each tenant, which required creating multiple user experiences for each user type.

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