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Materialize is a strategic partner for forward-thinking companies that want to build cutting edge and long-lasting software solutions.

Your Software Development Team As-a-Service

Materialize is an accomplished team of project managers, UI/UX designers, coders, and QA testers. We focus heavily on building scalable products using modern methods, tools, and workflows to efficiently deliver cost-effective solutions.

We Let Our Work Speak for Itself.


Web Platform - How we designed and engineered a unique and tailored solution for performing focus group interviews for a leader in market research.


iOS & Android - How we conceptualized and produced a transformative, safety-focused mobile app for the railroad industry.

AICC: Video on Demand

Web Platform - How we rapidly developed a custom video-on-demand system for custom live camera installations in athletic clubs across the country.


SaaS Web Platform - How we built a comprehensive SaaS product for law firms to dynamically manage cases using agile methodologies.

Web, iOS, Android - How we achieved a complete reimagining and rebuild of the entire application ecosystem, the singular destination for watching live streamed nature cams online.

eQual: Qualification Management Platform

Web Platform - How we built a platform that helps advance the qualification of citizen-initiated ballot measures that propose policies in the interest of everyday people, not special interests.


For us, this is all in a day's work.

Digital Strategy & Planning

  • +Market Research
  • +Competitor Analysis
  • +User Flows
  • +User Validation


  • +Branding
  • +Style Guide
  • +Wireframes
  • +UI/UX Design

Infrastructure Engineering

  • +Cloud Hosting
  • +Containerized Environments
  • +CI/CD
  • +Push-to-Deploy

Mobile Development

  • +iOS
  • +Android
  • +Phone & Tablet
  • +Native Apps

Backend Development

  • +REST and GraphQL APIs
  • +Optimal Design Patterns
  • +Comprehensive Unit Testing
  • +3rd Party Integrations

Frontend Development

  • +SPAs & MPAs
  • +PWAs
  • +Mobile First Design
  • +Automated Browser Tests

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