A suite of tools for market research


A web platform that provides a global leader in market research the ability to perform collaborative remote focus groups, interviews, and video editing.


The Client

Radius Insights is a global leader in market research, paving the way with innovative techniques and helping brands in the Fortune 100 grow. They had approached numerous software development firms to develop their vision for an internal platform to help conduct market research interviews in a centralized system, of which they found Materialize to be the best suited for the job. Due to our extensive experience working with video streaming and related platforms, we were the standout candidate for completing this forward-thinking project.

The Challenge

Radius had very specific requirements and needed a team capable of devising an optimized solution for broadcasting internal research interviews and focus groups to a centralized platform, where their own clients could watch, chat, and take bookmarks of notable moments for later review. Materialize reviewed the requirements, performed in-depth research of available options, and provided Radius with a tailored approach to get their vision created within budget.

The Solution

Materialize created user flows and conducted frequent meetings with the client to fast-track the discovery and design process. Once the user experience was approved, we got busy with the high fidelity mockups and eventual prototype. Using these clearly defined designs, our engineering team got busy creating unparalleled functionality that would allow the client to perform their duties efficiently and impressively. We ran through beta testing sequences for quality assurance, and released the product with immediate success.

Services We Provided

+  Product Strategy

+  Product Design

+  App Engineering

+ On-Going Support


+ Web


Tech Stack

+ Figma


+ Laravel

+ ReactJS

+ GraphQL API


+ Docker



+ Serverless Infrastructure

+ Unit Testing


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Building cost-effective video infrastructure is not for the faint of heart.

The core functionality of RadiusLive revolves around video streaming and video on-demand features. We were able to build a video streaming pipeline that broadcasts interviews and focus groups to the central platform, where users can login and watch. We built a realtime chat module and bookmarking functionality for participants to utilize while watching streams. Additionally, recordings of each stream are stored, along with interactive transcripts, and an advanced clip-cutting tool that was custom-built.

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Innovating on internal processes that helps clients see real value.

The value of the platform that we built pays dividends. We took an idea from its infancy and delivered real-world results that significantly optimizes internal processes, saving time and money. We built a robust user management system, metrics dashboard, and project management tool that internal employees use to stay organized.

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