An iOS and Android mobile app that digitizes a decades old federally mandated regulation, bringing the railroad into the 21st century.


The Client

The founder of BriefMe, an executive in the railroad industry, reached out to Materialize based on our past experience building apps in the railroad space. He had an idea for a product that would transform the way in which a process called job briefing is conducted, moving the industry from paper and pencil to the digital realm.

The Challenge

As with most of our products, Materialize had to act like an owner and learn about a foreign concept that is only known by railway workers in the United States. Materialize studied the federal regulations, digested the concept of digitizing the process, and formulated an approach that would force the industry to evolve.

The Solution

Materialize began by providing a plan to release an MVP product into the marketplace. Starting with user stories and user flows, we worked alongside the client for guidance and approval. Once the interactions were defined, we created high fidelity prototypes that perfectly mocked the experience and nuances that the mobile apps would provide. We provided DevOps engineering, backend engineering, mobile app engineering, and app store release management services to deliver the product on time and to great fanfare.

Services We Provided

+ Product Strategy

+ Product Design

+ App Engineering

+ Content Management System

+ App Store Delivery

+ On-Going Support


+ iPhone

+ iPad

+ Android Phone

+ Android Tablet

+ Web-based CMS

Tech Stack

+ Figma


+ Laravel

+ React Native

+ Expo


+ Push Notifications

+ OneSignal


+ Docker



+ Serverless Infrastructure

+ Unit Testing


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Building a revolutionary product took confidence.

We built a product that introduced brand new methodology into a decades old process, used by railway workers across the country. Some of the features include: user management, friend requests, push notifications, content management, and scannable QR codes.

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We changed the way job briefings are done.

One of the most valuable features of the product is the intuitive interface that allows users to quickly adjust to the digitized process of creating, requesting, and approving job briefings. The user experience is hyper focused on simplicity and minimalism, allowing railway workers to stay safer than ever, while reducing the number of hours and redundancy required with manual paperwork.

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