Nimbus99: OTT Streaming SaaS App

Nimbus99 is a ground-breaking comprehensive SaaS for OTT streaming, designed exclusively for business and finance content providers. It provides an optimal platform for content management and delivery, supporting advertising, and custom streaming of OTT channels.

Nimbus99: OTT Streaming SaaS App

The Client

Our client is an innovative startup in the OTT Streaming industry. They envisioned creating a unique platform for seamless management and delivery of business and finance content. To bring their vision to life, we worked closely with the client, understanding their requirements, providing strategic guidance, and translating the concepts into functional design and technology.

The Challenge

Our task was to design and develop a custom OTT solution for business and finance content providers. A significant aspect of this challenge was to ensure that the platform was user-friendly enough to be utilized by the client’s customers, apart from being an effective administration tool for the management team. It was crucial to incorporate flexibility and scalability, enabling the platform to accommodate future growth and feature expansion.

The Solution

Nimbus99 was developed as the optimal OTT content management solution. This tailor-made platform offers easy management of content, flexible scheduling options, the ability to preview content, and live streaming capabilities. It stands out for its user-friendly interface and its ability to support advertisements and custom streaming OTT channels, presenting an unmatched solution for business and finance content providers.

Services We Provided

+ Product Consultation

+ UI/UX Design

+ Web Application Development

+ Continuous Support


+ Web

+ Mobile

Tech Stack

+ Figma

+ Node.js

+ ReactJS

+ Next.js

+ Vercel

+ Google APIs


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Delivering a tailored SaaS solution for OTT Streaming Empowering Providers with Nimbus99.

The Nimbus99 platform pioneers in offering a seamless OTT streaming experience for business and finance content providers. By supporting a unique content management experience including ad placements and custom OTT channels, Nimbus99 brings a new, higher standard to the OTT streaming industry.

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The optimal OTT platform for seamless content management and delivery.

Nimbus99 offers a comprehensive solution tailor-made to meet the evolving needs of content providers in the niche of business and finance. With an intuitive user interface and seamless content management and delivery mechanisms, Nimbus99 provides an exceptional OTT streaming experience.

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