Strategizing and building a comprehensive SaaS project management platform for law firms based on monumental requirements.


The Client

The founder of Dendri, the managing attorney of an established law firm, was dissatisfied with the plethora of legal case management software available for law firms. Having had experience with other project management tools, like Asana and Trello, he imagined a product where he could blend a case management platform with the capabilities of other popular project management software, utilizing agile methodology and sprints. He went on a hunt to find a software development partner who could turn his vision into reality, providing a high level overview of the concepts that he’d like to have implemented.

The Challenge

Our team, having a depth of knowledge in the construction of management systems, assessed the requirements and drafted a detailed approach for achieving a minimal viable product that was sufficient for release. With no prior experience working with legal case management software, we meticulously analyzed the marketplace to learn as much as we could about what the top platforms provide to law firms. Along with the client, we took the information we learned and formulated the unique functionality that Dendri would introduce to the space.

The Solution

When Materialize was selected as the development partner to build the grand vision of Dendri, we immersed ourselves in the case management world and hit the ground running. We began by breaking down each required feature, providing user flows, user personas, architecture diagrams, timelines and milestones for getting the product completed. We worked tirelessly alongside the founder to produce a plan of action that would allow for getting to market on time and within budget. We allocated our strategists, designers, and engineering leads to formulate an approach that would achieve outstanding results. Dendri has been available as a standout tool for law firms since 2019, continuing to build its user base, and Materialize has been keeping it running all along the way.

Services We Provided

+ Product Strategy

+ Product Design

+ App Engineering

+ On-Going Support


+ Web

Tech Stack


+ Laravel

+ ReactJS

+ GraphQL


+ Docker

+ Terraform

+ Kubernetes

+ DigitalOcean

+ ElasticSearch

+ PHPUnit

+ Responsive Design

+ GitHub Actions CI

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Building a standout product in a competitive market was no small feat.

We built a veritable swiss army knife of features that are all rolled into one homogenous product. Some of the features that Dendri provides includes: kanban boards, task management, to do lists, time tracking, history tracking, individual case management, user management, file management, document merging, calendar syncing, a CRM, and integrations with third party providers in the space, notably Clio.

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We changed the way in which legal outfits can manage their firm.

We introduced concepts that were groundbreaking to the industry as a whole. Our team provided a wide range of services, building complex functionality that required in depth research and skilled execution. We provided cutting edge infrastructure, including auto-scaling infrastructure that responds to traffic spikes, and continuous deployment pipelines that ensure regression-free deployments.

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