eQual: Qualification Management Platform

A responsive web app with a suite of tools that provides non-profits and grassroots organizations the ability to efficiently qualify ballot initiatives.

eQual: Qualification Management Platform

The Client

eQual, a California Public Benefit Corporation, works to advance the qualification of citizen-initiated ballot measures that propose policies in the interest of everyday people, not special interests. They had an idea for an online platform that would give grassroots organizations the ability to efficiently qualify ballot initiatives by moving from the traditional method of pen and paper to a digital medium. eQual needed a development team capable of providing the full spectrum of services, from UI design to infrastructure architecture, and even as complex as optical character recognition software.

The Challenge

Like many of the projects we take on, we had to start from scratch and learn all about the ways in which organizations canvass and collect signatures in order to qualify ballot measures that get presented to local, state, and even federal electoral bodies. We worked with stakeholders to conceive of the most intuitive experience for its users, and began the formidable process of engineering a never-before-seen system of gathering and qualifying prospects for furthering altruistic endeavors. Working intimately with the eQual team was critical, and our team enmeshed itself in the unfamiliar world of ballot measure qualifying.

The Solution

Through collaborating very closely with the eQual team, we built and iterated upon a system that created brand new processes and automation that helps dozens of organizations centralize their efforts for gathering ballot measure and petition data, as well as reporting mechanisms to accurately measure success rates and results. We built a robust user management system, custom dynamic form builder, a prospect intake procedure, a QR Code based petition scanning system, automatic voter registration checks, signature verification, text recognition system, and signature review procedure. The results of our efforts have been colossal; the platform hosts several high profile nonprofit organizations and has been accepted into a competitive accelerator program.

Services We Provided

+ Product Strategy

+ Product Design

+ App Engineering

+ On-Going Support


+ Web

Tech Stack


+ Laravel

+ ReactJS




+ Docker



+ Serverless Infrastructure

+ Unit Testing


+ Algolia

+ Responsive Design

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We designed & built a highly efficient toolkit for the industry.

The tremendous amount of features that the eQual platform contains is astounding. We have been able to build tools that allow users to manage their organizations, share data across organizations, create custom landing page forms for capturing interesting prospects, a portal for obtaining volunteers, an admin panel, a reporting system, a petition gathering service, a petition scanning service, a signature entering system, a signature reviewing portal, and even more.

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We serve as eQual’s technical advisors to support and grow the platform.

The eQual platform boasts a user base of tens of thousands of users, all of whom take part in the altruistic effort of furthering democratic efforts. We work as eQual’s partner to help onboard new customers, receive customer feedback, plan and strategize new functionality, and continue to provide technical guidance and expertise.

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