OTSS: On-Track Safety Standards

OTSS: On-Track Safety Standards

The Client

RailPros is the trusted provider for the railroad industry in engineering, field services, training and media production. RailPros provides diversified safety services for the leading railroad companies and needed a development partner who could turn a proof-of-concept mobile app into a full-fledged and mandatory internal application that protects hundreds of workers out in the field each and every day.

The Challenge

We carefully examined the way in which RailPros conducts business and manages engineers in the field to understand the needs and lack of tools to improve the lives of their managers and workers. The complex and unique nature of the railroad engineering industry required an equally complex app – but one that could simplify the daily lives of everyone at their company.

The Solution

We developed a cross platform mobile application that is used internally by staff each and everyday. The app provides critical safety measures, using location services, push notifications, SMS, and call notifications to notify workers and management if anything goes amiss. Workers are kept accountable, and detailed work logs are kept to protect everyone in the field in case of an incident. Additionally, we built supplemental tools such as administrative panels, reporting, and auditing tools that allow the client to have full control and transparency with the large datasets that are stored each day.

Services We Provided

+ Product Design

+ Mobile App Engineering

+ Web App Engineering

+ Content Management System

+ App Store Delivery


+ Web

+ iOS

+ Android

Tech Stack

+ Node.js

+ NestJS

+ React Native

+ Expo

+ ReactJS


+ Location Services

+ Push Notifications

+ Twilio SMS/Voice


+ Docker

+ Heroku

+ Unit Testing


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A comprehensive notification system with potential life saving safety consequences.

We built a powerful notification system that uses location based services to alert users and managers of potential emergencies. Utilizing push notification APIs, the Twilio SMS API, and the Twilio call API, the system detects anomalies and alerts the relevant parties when deviations are detected.

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Robust automated reporting to give deep insights on daily operations.

We built a comprehensive reporting system that generates automatic reports based on timezones and location, and also supports on demand reporting when requested. The reports provide stakeholders a deep understanding of how personnel are operating.

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