A web platform that gives content creators the ability to sell their media directly to their followers through the medium of their choice, while giving their followers the ability to frictionlessly purchase it.

The Client

A serial entrepreneur approached us with the idea for PayWatch that would shake up the creator economy by addressing issues and roadblocks that influencers face on a daily basis. The client needed a team capable of handling the full spectrum of digital product development, from concept and wireframing, to a production-ready platform capable of handling payment processing and optimized media transcoding.

The Challenge

Materialize had to employ every aspect of our expertise to create a platform capable of processing images and video cost effectively and efficiently, while also building a comprehensive payment processing system to not only process payments, but process payouts as well. We were tasked with designing the system that, above all, would remove the friction for creators to sell their content and buyers to purchase it. This entailed focusing on optimization first and foremost, from the intuitive experience down to the low level infrastructure and architecture.

The Solution

We built a solution that uses modular components and services that provides an incredibly cost effective backend that is highly reliable and efficient. We decided to use every tool at our disposal and left no stone unturned in our search for the most effective third party services, and built custom solutions to fill in the gaps. The result is a bulletproof platform that is hosted on the most reliable and secure architecture, scales rapidly, and reduces costs to a minimum. The platform allows users to easily upload their content for sale while not requiring them to configure a tedious new system to do so.

Services We Provided

+ Product Strategy

+ Product Design

+ Web App Engineering

+ On-Going Support


+ Web


Tech Stack

+ Figma


+ Laravel

+ ReactJS

+ GraphQL API


+ Docker



+ Serverless Infrastructure

+ Unit Testing


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Sell Your Content Anywhere

PayWatch allows creators to quickly create an account, get verified with robust identity verification, setup direct bank account payouts, and immediately start uploading content. The content is encoded for optimal playback, and the creator can post it for sale on any of their existing platforms.

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No more new services

Users can purchase content directly from a creator without having a sign up for yet another new platform. Simply enter your email address and payment info, and the content is yours forever.

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